Property Management Companies

Being in the property management business for over 18 years we understand one of the most time consuming and aggravating parts of property management is dealing with an objection to a security deposit claim. Performing a quality move-in & move-out inspection is the key to reducing the likelihood of a dispute on a security claim.

WalkThruInspections.Com is designed to help the property manager save time, money and perform a professional move-in & move-out inspection.

It’s as simple as point and click. You can print out a work sheet to assist you on how to perform a great inspection. Add photos and detailed notes of each room as well as the outside of the property. This will clarify the condition of every room if you ever have a security claim dispute.

With the ability to e-mail, print or just save the report, let’s you efficiently organize and manage all of your inspections! is also an excellent way to generate added revenue to your business. Companies use for renewal and drive by inspections each year. With the ability to e-mail the inspection to your owners, you can provide superior service for all of your clients.

Use for all you inspections needs!!

  • Move Ins
  • Move Outs
  • Lease Renewals
  • Drive By

Full custom reports and templates feature!

For only $19.95 a month you have unlimited use of If you only need a few inspections a month, then use our pay as you go program for only $2.95 per report.